Monday, February 21, 2011

The Nuggets Suck, and Melo Can Suck My Dick

Seriously Nuggets, what the fuck?? Melo wanted to leave and ya' know what? Good riddance? But why in hell would you let him drag Denver's favorite athlete with him? Chauncey Billups is local; a home-town hero. And there is nobody in Colorado who hasn't loved having him on our team. Have you heard anything about Nuggets playing getting in trouble in the last 2 years? No? Neither have I, and it's because there is finally a veteran player with a positive influence showing the youngsters how to behave. He is a good role model, and he is a family man. Now he us to uproot his family AGAIN and leave the Nuggets AGAIN just because Melo has his panties in a wad and wants to be the biggest, most famous, highest paid player in the NBA. I'm sooooo sorry that Denver isn't big enough for a "celebrity" like you and your washed-up "famous" wifey. This kind of selfish, money-grubbing behavior is despicable. Chauncey wanted to retire here, and Denver wanted to see that happen, but now thanks to one spoiled brat and some apparently moronic team owners, he is getting shipped off to the Knicks. I sincerely hope your karma comes back around and bites you in the ass. Fuck you Carmelo, and the Nuggets organization. You have officially lost one of your oldest fans. I expect many more will follow suit.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Crybaby Cutler Strikes Again

Apparently, people are shocked that Jay Cutler left the NFC Championship game yesterday. Well, people who aren't from either Denver or Chicago might be shocked anyway. Those of us lucky enough to have experience with Cutler aren't at all surprised that he got "hurt". I mean, they were losing, he buckles under pressure, and he broke a nail. Of course he was sidelined! I'm surprised he even made it out of the 1st quarter. You'd think by now he'd be able to come up with better injuries too. You're faking an injury to get out of being blamed for losing, and the best you can come up with is a knee injury? Why not come up with something crazy like a shattered tibia? People might at least have some sympathy then. Oh, and if the injury involves one of your legs, I might suggest either a) limping of the field or b) sitting down. No one believes you have a knee injury when you are standing on the sidelines. I'm not seeing a big future in football for Jay. I'm pretty sure there is something in the bylaws about having to have a complete set of balls.

As for the Bears, Cutler leaving the game was the best thing that could've happened to them. Todd Collins was also useless, but those 2 injuries opened the door for Caleb Hanie. Seriously, where did this kid come from? Oh that's right, he went to Colorado State University. Leave it to us to solve the world's problems. Hanie was awesome. Not only did the bears score 2 touchdowns and get within 7 points of the Packers, Hanie didn't buckle under the pressure. In fact, he seemed to thrive on it. They almost did it, they almost came back. All thanks to a 3rd-string quarterback. My guess is that this is Hanie's last year as a "3rd-string". If Chicago doesn't give him Cutler's job as a starting quarterback or at the very least 2nd-string, I'd be willing to bet someone else will scoop him up. Denver is always in the market for a quarterback who can actually play football, so maybe he can come here.  Wherever he is though, one thing is for sure; Caleb Hanie made a name for himself yesterday, and Cutler further solidified his place on the "Useless Professional Athletes" list.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Tim Tebow and Why I Hate the Broncos

I hate Tim Tebow. I hated him when he played for the Gators and I was appalled when the Broncos drafted him. I've never been a Broncos fan, but after they got rid of Crybaby Cutler and Shanahan I thought I might just be able to get aboard the Bronco train. But alas, they went and did something absolutely ridiculous like draft Tim fucking Tebow and I once again lost all respect for them. Tebow? Really? Talk about an over-priced, over-hyped rookie. And now Bronco country is screaming his name like he is some sort of here. He has played 2 games in the NFL, the 1st one was like watching high-schoolers lose to the Raiders, but yesterday they finally won. By 1 fucking point. Big deal. The Broncos got lucky. Tebow isn't the reason the Broncos finally won their 4th game this season. The team sucks, and they managed to just barely pull ahead in 1 game. They'll go right back to losing next week, even if their prodigal son starts the game again.

It isn't just the fact the Tebow isn't actually ready to play professional football, that isn't the only reason I hate him. It's everything about his persona that I find disgusting. Professional athletes in general are paid to play sports. I don't give a rats ass about your personal opinions or political agendas. Maybe if you focused more on learning to throw a ball and spent less time telling women they can and cannot do with their bodies you might actually be worth something. Tim Tebow is a redneck, bible thumping, in-bred moron who needs to shut the fuck up and play football. I have no interest in hearing what some 23-year-old with zero life experience has to say about the real world. He was home-schooled; he doesn't even have regular childhood experiences to pull from. He has nothing to contribute, he needs to just go home to his mommy and preach his non-sense to unsuspecting youth. I can't believe so many Christians are stupid enough to fall for this bullshit. How are they not irate that he is actually comparing himself to God?

And did any of you see this little gem?

Timmy boy on the cover of 5280 magazine with his trademark stupid black paint/bible verse painted on his face. John 3:16. Could you pick a more generic bible verse? And just because that is the one Tebow has chosen, how exactly does that make him the chosen one? And does he honestly believe that he is the 2nd Coming? Puh-lease. Judging by how many times it looks like he has pumped steroids through his body I'd be willing to bet he has a hard time coming the 1st time. He is really just setting himself up to be caught with a male prostitute in the next few years. Isn't that how these things always go? Super-Christian, anti-gay, holier than thou; they always get caught in hypocritical lies. Then where will all his Christian fans be? Will they still stand by his side and look up to him as a role model? I doubt it. I, however, will be standing right here saying, "I told you so".  And no, I don't think he is hot. The thick-neck football player thing has never done it for me anyway, but the flared nostril, wonky-eye thing really turns me off. And that fryer Tuck hair do was pretty much the most unattractive thing I have ever witnessed in my life. And while you are here, don't forget to take my new poll.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Female Sportscasters: Too Sensitive?

As a female who loves sports, and somewhat a feminist, I find it ironic that I don't like female sportscasters. At all. 1st of all, they try too hard to be one of the guys and to fit in, but really they sound stupid. They sound like they rehearsed a bunch of facts before they went on the air, but they have no idea what they are talking about. More importantly though, they seem to get their panties in a wad over the littlest bullshit. It seems to me, if you want to be "one of the guys" and "fit in" then you should a. roll with the punches and have a thicker skin, and b. not dress like a hooker. If you want to be a respected sportscaster, then act like you deserved some fucking respect.

Case in point? Ines Sainz. Apparently the NY Jets offended her, but I think in reality she welcomed it. Here is the Yahoo! article. I'll let you read that yourself because I am not one for paraphrasing.

I understand that a lot of female sportscasters are treated poorly. I thought the situation with Erin Andrews being photographed naked in her hotel room without her knowledge was despicable. I'm sure there are players that make inappropriate comments and advances and it makes the ladies uncomfortable. But at what point do women have to take responsibility for themselves? Female sportscasters don't need to be in the locker room. period. Why? Because that's where problems start. A hot girl walks into a locker room full of testosterone overloaded football players all pumped up to play the 1st game of the season, and expects what? For them to see her as just a sportscaster and not a sexy lady? Get real. You can't expect men to behave differently than what is inherently part of them, so why put yourself in danger of being "uncomfortable"?

And this? This is appropriate dress for a sportscaster? If this is how you want to be viewed, fine. go for it. But don't expect to be an accredited member of the press. Girls who dress like this while on a football field are looking for attention, so don't get all pissed off when those players pay attention to you.

Friday, September 10, 2010

This Week's HWNSO -- Hottie With No Shirt On

I mean, seriously. Wow. I've posted this picture before for a different post, but I feel like it needs to be posted again. For obvious reasons.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm Eating Ramen for Lunch and This Dude's Hair is Worth $1M?

I'm sort of at a loss for words right now. Troy Polamalu has insured his hair with Lloyd's of London for $1M. Now, anyone who watches football, even occasionally, has seen this dude's hair. Until now, I was mostly just grossed out by it, because let's face it, there has to be some sort of creature living in that mess. But now? Now I am annoyed. Has anyone mentioned to Polamalu that his hair is in fact JUST hair? That it actually is not an asset that is irreplaceable? Last time I checked, hair actually grows back should something ghastly happen to it. Also until now, I had never seen much of these locks-that-are-apparently-made-of-gold other than what flows from the bottom of a Steeler's helmet, but this morning I came across this picture. And, well, wow. This is truly an amazing do. And by amazing I mean absolutely ridiculous. He must have an entire team of professionals whose only job is to maintain this, um, mane. I guess when you spend half a season playing left bench because of an injury you have time to explore other talents. And in the case of Troy Polamalu, that other talent is hair conditioning. Well done.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Blog Stalk Friday and This Weeks Hottie With No Shirt On

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And now for this week's hottie with no shirt on. This week's "athlete" is technically an actor and not so much a professional athlete, but his BFF is the world's most famous bike rider so he is an athlete by association, and it looks to me like he has just finished a nice swim or surf in the ocean and those are sports to me! So here, ladies, is Matthew McConaughey. Ignore the super scruffy face, if you even notice it.